Blocks of operations with matrices
Blocks of operations with matrices
April 10, 2024
April 10, 2024
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In a field like aircraft autopilots, such as the Veronte Autopilot, matrix operations play an unquestionable role. They are used for a multitude of tasks involving manipulation of numerical arrays: from defining rotations between reference systems to optimizing solutions in control problems. Additionally, given the flexible and versatile nature of the Veronte Autopilot, Embention strives to offer our customers a wide range of tools to tailor its configuration to their specific needs. With these points in mind, the new matrix operation blocks were created.

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Matrix Operations Optimization for Veronte Autopilots

The first set of these blocks, integrated into our Veronte PDI Builder configuration editor, allows both direct matrix multiplication and multiplication by transposed matrices. While basic numerical calculations like products and sums could previously be achieved manually if necessary, by creating a specific block that performs these calculations, the process becomes much more efficient.

Another noteworthy group of blocks in the Veronte PDI Builder programming tool is the rotation format converters. These blocks enable the conversion of a rotation matrix into a quaternion representing an equivalent rotation and vice versa. Quaternions are mathematical objects widely used to represent rotations in various computing fields such as robotics and 3D animation. They have certain properties that make them preferable, in certain instances, over rotation matrices. For example, being represented by only 4 numerical values instead of 9, as is the case with rotation matrices, reduces the number of variables the system has to process, and thus, the complexity of calculations.

Expanding Flexibility: New Configuration Blocks for Veronte Autopilots

The continuous addition of new blocks to the existing repertoire of Veronte Autopilot configuration blocks allows the creation of increasingly flexible and customized configurations for our customers.

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One example of using matrix operation blocks is the transformation from body axes to Earth axes. The aircraft has its own inertial system whose axes are aligned with the body. If mathematical operations using Earth positions are needed, it is possible to align the aircraft’s axes with those of Earth using a body-to-Earth axis rotation matrix.

Embention, in its commitment to innovation, has dedicated algorithm and firmware teams focused on continuously updating the system, optimizing resources, and incorporating new features into the system. Ongoing interaction with customers is essential to identify and prioritize these needs according to user requirements.

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