Since the emergence of the coronavirus, different types of technology have been using to fight the virus, including drones.

China was the first country to implement this revolutionary technology in the fight against COVID-19. And not only that, the rest of the affected countries have followed: Spain, Italy, France… all of them have resorted to drones to secure the population and fight the spread of the disease.

How are UAVs being used against coronavirus?

Drones are playing a key role against the coronavirus. The police and security forces of different countries are managing to ensure compliance with security rules thanks to the use of UAVs. One of the most important advantages is the ability to act without endangering human lives.

Many of these drones have cameras and loudspeakers implanted, controlling who is skipping the quarantine. The use of loudspeakers is using to communicate the orders and to inform the population about the situation. As we can see in the following video in Spain.

Advantages of using drones against COVID-19

The advantages that drones offer in this type of situation are very wide.

  • Disinfectant spread through city streets.
  • Sending medical supplies to patients, hospitals, and areas of difficult access.
  • UAVs with thermal cameras for temperature control.¬†Being able to measure the body temperature of those affected and keep track of the sick.
  • Remote control with a large radius of vision.

In a situation like the one we are living nowadays, where the spread of coronavirus is generated by the human relationship, to stop it is really important to control it. The drones offer the possibility of covering as much as ground as possible in a short time without putting anyone at risk.

Will it be the start of a technological revolution?

The possibilities offered by drones are very wide and have become essential to successfully achieve virus control without putting unnecessary risk to operators and security agents. The UAVs implementation is unstoppable in more and more areas and sectors, leading to a total technological revolution.