In Embention we continue to improve our systems daily. This time we want to inform you about our latest news in Veronte Autopilot control software. Veronte Pipe takes a step forward with the incorporation of new displays and functionalities. Giving to the software an attractive and highly configurable user interface layout for the control of UAVs and unmanned systems.

Main Veronte Pipe User Interface Features

UAVs data displayed in the user interface

In Veronte Pipe it is possible to select which telemetry data to display and how to do it. This functionality is not limited to predefined variables, the system permits to choose among all system variables and the data coming from connected devices. In this way a custom user interface configuration is achieved. Something only available in the Veronte Pipe Software.

Veronte Pipe makes possible to display data from navigation algorithms or form sensors in Veronte Autopilot. External sensor and other device data can also be displayed for monitoring information from radar altimeters, level sensors of gas, power consumption, … Furthermore, these data can be displayed in the user interface in custom units for each display.

Innovations in Veronte Pipe user interface - screenshot

New highly customizable displays

Telemetry data can displayed using different types of display, being each of them independently configurable. These modern displays have different visualization options making data more intuitive and representative. It is also possible to configure visual and sound ranges so the operator can get noticed in case there is a variable in certain range. Colors and sounds for each range are fully customizable so the operator can get the best of the system.

Virtual joysticks are also a powerful tool as it permits to manually control the vehicle from the interface. These virtual joysticks are compatible with touch screens, and may replace or supplement the use of physical joysticks. Each axis in the virtual stick is linked to a control channel in the aircraft permitting to control the flight, the gimbals, camera zoom, etc. Furthermore, these sticks can be configured to execute an automatic scanner, highly recommended for gimbal control in surveillance missions.

Other remarkable features in Veronte Pipe

This software permits the visualization of terrain profile in the direction of the aircraft flight. It also includes a configurable background map that allows to use custom images or select from main map providers such as Google, Open Street, … This user interface also offers advanced 3D PFD (Primary Flight Display) and visualization options for “Situational Awareness”.

Finally, this customizable user interface permits the creation of different workspaces so each user can move from one interface to the other depending on mission needs. Likewise, Veronte Pipe permits to include custom logos on the interface for including final user branding to the tool.