Countries with most advanced technology in the arms industry continually work for improving their defense systems. One of the most important factor for this is the integration of precision guidance systems in their arms and high speed UAS. It involve various advantages such as adjacent damage reduction, ammunition use diminution, etc… Therefore, systems such as Veronte autopilot installed on guidance kits for rocket control reach great importance today.

This kind of guidance kit systems are focused particularly for Air-to-Ground or Ground-to-Ground devices, with the aim of reducing collateral damages caused by these weapons due to the low precision available on non-guided systems.. The improvement in accuracy achieved by installing a guidance kit on non-guided missile permits to reduce the area of probable impact, preventing damage in areas surrounding the target.

Launching of rocket with Veronte guidance kit

Characteristics of guidance kit controlled by Veronte

The integration of Veronte Autopilot in guidance kits involves the use of a redundant high performance control system comprised by two Veronte autopilots configured to carry out the guidance. It can be used for controlling different kind of platforms, from rockets to high speed UAS. Combining the capability of inertial sensors INS (Inertial Navigation System) and satellite guidance GPS / GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) provides high accuracy at an affordable cost.

All this results in a guidance kit that can be applied to artillery rockets, missiles, and other UAS… This guidance kit are usually installed on the front of the rocket being compatible with various control systems such as canard canard among others and ensuring accuracy with circular Error Probable (CEP) of few meters.

In conclusion, precision guidance kit for rockets are an attractive alternative on the arms market, permitting to improve obsolete artillery systems to become precision devices. In this way it is possible the use of archaic projectiles that would not have an utility without a guidance system.