Veronte PCS is a control station system optimized for the control of drones and UAVs for operations in outdoor use, harsh environments, and extreme weather conditions. With a size of only 160 x 360 x 70 mm, its IP66 protection and a working temperature range of -40 to 65ºC, it has positioned itself as one of the most robust and compact systems on the market.

The Veronte PCS Control Station integrates a Veronte BCS module for the management of the system. This Veronte autopilot has redundancy in most of the sensors (IMU, GNSS, dynamic and static pressure sensors …) and allows the positioning of the system autonomously. In addition, it allows advanced system functions such as RTK positioning, differential barometer, mobile platform operations, etc.

Likewise, this compact Control Station has an internal bay to locate video transmitters, radio, transceivers or other devices useful for carrying out missions with an autonomous or unmanned aircraft. To ensure the robustness of the system in case of a power failure, or to operate without the need for an external power source, Veronte BCS has an internal battery that keeps the system on for more than 8 hours.

bahía internav

Electrical characteristics

One of the main characteristics of the Veronte PCS Control Station is its low consumption and its great autonomy. It incorporates an automatic charger that ensures the proper functioning of the battery. Besides, through its main switch and the user interface, it reports the state of the battery.

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Veronte PCS can be configured differently depending on the distance between the ground Control Station and the operator Control Center:

  • Remotely through M2M (4G connectivity) when it is necessary for the operation from a far location.
  • By wireless communication (WIFI) for nearest places.
  • Through Ethernet or USB connections for local environments and when it is not allowed to emit wireless signals.

The system by default has GPS connectivity for geolocation. In addition, it also has RF (frequency chosen depending on the regulation of each country) to be able to communicate with the unmanned vehicle.

Mechanical characteristics

The Veronte PCS covering has protection against severe weather conditions. When it is closed, it is fully sealed and can achieve the IP66 rating (IEC 60529 standard). All the elements inside are fixed to the external structure by screws, making the system effective against direct and indirect impacts.

exterior del PCSv - Veronte PCS: Robust and Compact Control Station


Veronte PCS is compatible with the rest of the Embention product range. Veronte PCS can be easily attached to the Veronte Tracker to perform long radio frequency communications or video transmission operations. It can also be used together to Veronte MCS (rugged control station and campaign computer) or with Veronte CAN Expander to control different PCS devices through the CAN interface and constitute a redundant tracking system.