Nowadays, in the field of professional drones or UAVs, all the visual tasks that can be carried out have been increased. Tasks such as border control, detection, and rescue tasks are some of the many missions that can be carried out with high-quality equipment integrated into an aerial platform. That is why Gimbal systems have become an increasingly demanded system in the use of UAVs.

Embention keeps improving its range of products to offer its customers increasingly innovative products, with better performance and more robustness. This time Embention has focused its efforts on the development of the new version of Veronte Gimbal Pro.

Veronte Gimbal Pro’s new features

The new Veronte Gimbal Pro, with a completely revamped aesthetics, improves the previous versions with a more compact size, lower weight, and a stronger mechanical structure.

The Veronte Gimbal Pro’s main feature is that the gimbal itself integrates all the electronics in charge of processing images captured by both cameras. Then without the need for external devices, the gimbal is able to record video, take photographs, encode the video and perform “Target Tracking” and “Moving Object Detection”.

In addition, Veronte Gimbal’s integration with Veronte Autopilot allows the use of data from the gimbal’s position or the video’s processing in the system’s navigation, which means adding advanced functions such as “Fly-By-Camera” and “Geo-Tagging”.

Another important novelty is the easy access to the videos and images taken by the gimbal, which are stored onboard. The user will be able to remove this storage unit and insert a new unit in seconds, without having to disable any component of the system.

To capture videos and images, Veronte Gimbal has an RGB camera with Full HD resolution and 30x optical zoom, and a 24.4mm thermal camera with 640×480 resolution.

The cameras can film in any position thanks to Veronte Gimbal’s infinite rotation on both axes. These are equipped with high-precision 17-bit encoders that also give the gimbal excellent image stabilization and precision.

The redesign process has always taken into account the reduction of the time required to integrate and start up the system at the UAV. The new gimbal’s fixing-system to the UAV, along with the direct electrical connection through a single connector, are some of the features that make easier to install Veronte Gimbal.

At resume, Veronte Gimbal Pro along with Veronte Autopilot becomes the most compact solution, light and, after the integration, brings a wide range of functions that make it the perfect system for any professional use.