Verification – A necessary step for the development of any product

In engineering, verification is a necessary step before launching a new product into the market. The verification process is made up of a set of tests and analyzes that ensure that the developed solution meets the specifications and the customers needs.

At Embention, these tests are carried out by our Verification department, where a series of tests are defined with a pass / fail criteria for each system that make up the autopilot. Among these tests we find specific tests for High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) flights.

Extreme case tests

Our autopilots are designed to fly at a high altitude and for a long period of time. For that reason, the Verification team has developed a series of tests in order to assure the right autopilot performance in MALE and HALE flights.

On the one hand, in order to verify that navigation works at a high altitude, we test the aircraft by taking it to altitudes above 10.000m, inside the stratosphere. This test calculates the atmosphere when the aircraft reaches high altitudes and compares the result with the ISA (International Standard Atmosphere, equivalent to the U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976 version, where a maximum altitude of 47.000m was reached.

On the other hand, there are tests that simulate long-distance and long endurance flights. For example, a flight around the world in which the Veronte Autopilot simulates the flight for an entire week, verifying a correct operation throughout the simulation. Veronte has an internal telemetry register that saves the variables of interest. Its circular design allows the memory to overwrite itself from the beginning in the case that it runs out at any time, avoiding the  loss of the most recent flight data. Furthermore, our autopilots have an internal memory which contains a terrain mesh of the whole world, so no matter the distance of the flight, we will always have information about the ground altitude.

Veronte Autopilot Verification

At Embention, our Verification Department is constantly testing in order to offer the highest quality to our customers and prevent them from having any issues when using our products.