The UAV and drone sector has been  exponentially growing in recent years. It is indeed amazing to see the unbelievable world of possibilities that this market is placing before our eyes. This is the reason why more and more companies are bringing new ideas to this business. Professional drones however need exceptional engineering knowledge and committed technical support to ensure the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the UAV project.

Professional drones need professional autopilot systems. Nobody would be so risky as to think that a professional platform destined to a professional market and to perform professional tasks, can ever be managed by an autopilot designed for “hobby & DIY”.  Therefore, the right decision in the choice of the autopilot system can determine the success or failure of our UAV project.

In this sense, Embention has been working hard in this field for 15 years, continuously improving its flagship product and source of pride, the Veronte autopilot, and evolving together with it to offer  the best  quality, performance, reliability and definitely, the best experience possible.

Main features

Safety – Certification

  • Veronte Autopilot is the unique  proven UAV control system developed under the DO178C & DO254  with DAL B compliance level. 
  • Enhanced Autopilot unit tests according to DO160 are now undergoing.
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure with EMI filtering including IP67 protection.
  • Veronte BCS is DO178 & DO254 compliant hardware that can be used in the control station side for certification purposes so critical functionalities (go home, joystick commands…), can be commanded avoiding the need to rely on certifiable PC.
  • Embention offers a 5 year warranty for all Veronte Autopilots.
  • Design and manufacturing traceability data and test reports are available.

System Architecture

Veronte Autopilot 1x  single core version has been built with a state of the art suite of sensors providing unique performance meanwhile maintaining reduced size and weight. Besides it has redundancy in most of them. Internal sensors:

  • 3 complete IMUS (3 axis each)
  • 2 GNSS sensors (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou)
  • 1 dynamic pressure sensor
  • 3 static pressure sensors
  • 2 magnetometers
  • Internal ADS-B In & Out (optionally)

On the other hand, Veronte Autopilot 4x has been designed as a standing triple redundant autopilot system for UAVs. It incorporates 3 complete autopilot cores plus connectivity for an external 4th core. All this, managed by a dissimilar arbiter microprocessor.

As main sensors are dual in each flight control core, with the redundant Veronte Autopilot 4x we get 3 times this redundancy. The reliability of this system is simply exceptional and has been designed so there is no single point of failure.

Veronte Autopilot 4x is the lightest and smallest redundant autopilot system for UAVs (660g – 117x70x82mm).

Versatility – Customization

Veronte Autopilot is developed with a flexible architecture, being possible to customize autopilot performance from the user interface. It is possible to define aircraft layout, control phases, control channels, etc. by the aircraft integrator being able to reach up to the PID level, without needing to write custom code or needing Embention engineers to do it. Veronte Autopilot combines the benefits of an open source autopilot (flexibility) and a proprietary one (reliability), offering the best of both.

An automations module is also available so it is possible to define actions (go home, trigger camera…) to be activated on certain events (datalink loose, entry on an area of interest…). No matter if it is a fixed wing, helicopter, multirotor, VTOL, etc. it can use the same Veronte Autopilot hardware and software, thousands of parameters are available for customizing the system to operation needs.

Advanced Performance

Veronte Autopilot includes many advanced features only available in the most reputable autopilot systems in the world, like curved based navigation  (smooth turns can be programmed by defining the mission as a 3D curve in the space), user defined control station interface (permits that each operator defines his own workspace), or optional embedded 4G and Satellite modules for BLOS communications.

Advanced avoidance algorithms are also included so an external sensor (ADS-B, radar…) can be plugged for sense and avoid function. Finally, fly by camera and advanced gimbal control modes are available too.

Veronte Autopilot - Main

Beyond any doubt, Veronte autopilot is the undisputed leader in the professional drone market, but this would not be possible without the Embention fantastic spirit of overcoming and commitment of a multidisciplinary team of 60 engineers who every single day give the best of themselves in every single action they do or decision they make. 

If Veronte autopilot is the soul of Embention, our people are undoubtedly its spirit.