The use of UAV helicopters is not as extended as it is with multirotors; nevertheless, these helicopters are very popular in some applications like precision agriculture. It is pertinent to point out that companies which use this kind of drone are taking advantage on their competitors, improving their production through the capabilities given by these UAVs while performing their functions in a safe and efficient way. 

UAV helicopters control with the Veronte Autopilot

It is also worthy to outline the rise of outputs of these helicopters when the avionic control of Veronte Autopilot is embedded. Among the great variety of UAV helicopters, Veronte is able to be built in on any of the possible configurations:

  • Standard Configuration. It can be flybar or flybar-less;
  • Tandem Double Rotor. With two main horizontal rotors;
  • Synchronized Double Rotor. Its two rotors are overlapped with the axis on “V”;
  • Coaxial rotors. With two rotos on the same axis;
  • Hybrids. They are able to fly as a plane and as a helicopter.

The great adaptability of Veronte Autopilot to any platform makes possible to give a high precision to its flight phases, like the “hover” position. This is combined with Veronte adaptative control, which automatically optimizes the flight control on applications like delivery or fumigation, where big variations of weight in the aircraft take place during the flight.

In addition, through the Veronte Autopilot installation on UAV helicopters, there is no need to add any “governor” to control the revolutions of the propeller. This is due to the performance of the autopilot, which controls every aspect of the flight.

Veronte Autopilot lets the use of advanced Yaw control modes on UAV helicopters and VTOL vehicles. On the other hand, Veronte control system allows to define the kind of Yaw control desired, such as a variable Yaw on the mission direction, a fixed Yaw to a magnetic direction, a variable Yaw defined by the position of a fixed or moving object and so on.

Beyond the features described about the UAS control with Veronte Autopilot, it is also possible to perform landings and take-offs from mobile platforms, such as fishing or military ships, as well as doing relative missions or “follow me” (surveillance mission on the flight around the ship, advanced monitoring system…). In addition, Veronte can be embedded to any UAV helicopter no matter the size, it supports OPVs control and even manned helicopters reconverted to drones with a great payload and autonomy.