Veronte Autopilot: Flight-Ready and Poised for eVTOL Mass Production
Veronte Autopilot: Flight-Ready and Poised for eVTOL Mass Production
March 22, 2024
March 22, 2024
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The Veronte Autopilot emerges as a highly optimized solution for the control of manned electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft in anticipation of large-scale production for this type of vehicles. Ready for eVTOL installation, it excels in both fly-by-wire and autonomous control modes.

Prepared for eVTOL quick deployment

Advanced algorithms and robust control systems within the Veronte Autopilot ensure optimal flight performance and stability for various aircraft layouts, regardless of their complexity. Whether the eVTOL employs multirotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, gyrocopter, tilting or hybrid configurations, the Veronte Autopilot can be seamlessly integrated with the available configuration tools, minimizing development time and eliminating costs associated with customizing control systems for specific airframe designs.

Embention brings 16-year expertise in understanding the intricacies of controlling autonomous vehicles. Including navigation, smooth transitions, mission planning, and real-time decision-making, essential for enabling uncrewed and fully autonomous operations. Leveraging this expertise, Embention has continually pushed the boundaries of autonomous flight, developing robust solutions that offer unparalleled levels of autonomy and reliability.

For Certified Manned eVTOL

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, and the Veronte Autopilot prioritizes this, being compliant with the DO178C, DO254 and DO160 standards for airborne equipment, it provides the evidence essential for eVTOL airworthiness certification.

The Veronte Autopilot 4x stands out with embedded redundancy, ensuring high reliability and fault tolerance through triplicated hardware components. This redundancy enhances system resilience, mitigating the risk of single-point failures and bolstering the safety and robustness of eVTOL operations. On the other hand, the Veronte Autopilot DRx goes a step further by incorporating distributed redundancy, leveraging a network of interconnected autopilot units to achieve even greater fault tolerance and redundancy across the entire system.

Anticipating eVTOL Mass Production

The Veronte Autopilot is poised for large scale production, offering scalability, traceability and reliability for mass deployment across eVTOL fleets. Its robust design, coupled with streamlined manufacturing processes, enables high-volume production in compliance with aviation standards, making the Veronte Autopilot an attractive choice for large-scale deployment in various eVTOL applications. This forward-thinking approach underscores Embention’s commitment to providing a production-ready solution that meets the evolving needs of the eVTOL industry while maximizing responsiveness and reliability at scale.

In conclusion, the Veronte Autopilot, offered in both 4x and DRx versions by Embention, presents a compelling solution for the control of eVTOL aircraft. With its advanced flight capabilities, compatibility with diverse aircraft layouts, adherence to safety certifications, and readiness for mass production,it addresses the evolving needs of the eVTOL industry while enhancing operational efficiency.

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