Everyone knows about the new fields have been opened by the emergence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In the same way, the USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle), vehicles which operate on the surface of the water without a crew, represent an evolution of traditional boats.

The USVs are unmanned vessels capable of precisely maneuvering at sea and can repeatedly perform missions making them suitable for a large number of operations. It is pertinent to highlight by the detection and elimination of marine mines, the protection against submarines, the maritime security, the electronic warfare, and the support to special units in the military field.

Furthermore, the marine exploration has also found a very useful tool in these unmanned vessels or USV, due to it has allowed to reduce costs and modify the design requirements based only on what the system needs, that is, all those conditions of habitability to the crew are eliminated. For instance the temperature and the space limitations, among others.

USV fleet control with Veronte Autopilot

Thanks to the versatility of the Veronte Autopilot it is possible to control any USV independently of its propulsion and design system. In addition, several unmanned vessels can be controlled from a single mothership, lowering its costs and increasing the efficiency of missions with a better speed of execution and precision.

What is more, the Veronte Autopilot allows the achievement of multi-platform missions with UAV and USV working simultaneously and sharing information between them. What enables to create an autonomous unit formed by different platforms controlled from a single mothership. It also incorporates a tracking system that makes it possible for different USV or UAV to follow the mothership without the need to predefine trajectories.

In summary, the USVs are a natural evolution of traditional boats which improve, optimize and introduce greater safety in the maritime field. And Veronte is the autopilot capable of providing autonomous behavior to any vessel , merging all the tools used for years in UAVs to offer a fully integrated system.