One of the current problems in big cities is pollution. There are numerous places with high levels of pollution, exceeding the maximum levels established. Many of these problems come from agglomerations and congestion on their roads. New proposals are constantly coming out to stop it. One of the initiatives comes from the acronym UAM (Urban Air Mobility).

Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is one of the most heard words in the technological world. It is a great solution to the problems of pollution and the agglomeration of cities around the world. Drones have an essential role in these acronyms, they will be the ones that facilitate transportation in Smart Cities.

Drones role in Urban Air Mobility

The essential transport of goods and people in the Smart Cities will be drones. Aerial systems will play a very important role. Nevertheless, it is still to be established due to a lack of regulation.

Urban Air Mobility: The future transport in Smart Cities

Within the different types of Urban Air Mobility vehicles, one of the most commonly heard concepts is eVTOL. It’s more, there are many technology companies that are investing in this type of market. Showing with studies the potential that Air-Taxis have in the coming years. eVTOLs are drones with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities and with the capacity to transport onboard. There are numerous valuations and ideas that are being exposed in relation to this type of drone. However, they all have something in common:

eVTOLs are systems based on distributed electric and hybrid propulsion to reduce emissions of polluting gases.

The future of drones in Smart Cities

Drones will have to be fully integrated into the airspace in order to offer their UAM services. In regulatory terms, there is still a walk to build. Companies and governments must agree and establish the necessary measures to promote Urban Air Mobility.

However, it is clear is that drones will play an essential role in Smart Cities. The idea of creating sustainable alternatives for transportation in big capitals is getting closer every day. Agglomerations on roads will decrease, certain places will be accessed more quickly and carbon emissions will be reduced.

Safety in vehicles for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

At Embention, we are convinced that the future of UAM is about ensuring security in eVTOLs. For this reason, Embention develops its 4x Veronte Autopilot with embedded triple redundancy and the possibility of adding a fourth core to add greater dissimilarity to the system. In addition, this advanced control system is developed according to DO178 and DO254 standards ensuring the reliability of both hardware and software. We are sure the transport of the future in Smart Cities will be drones. So we continue working to Enable Drones to Populate Our Skies so Urban Air Mobility can become a reality.