Embention participates in the 2012 edition of UNVEX. The Spanish Summit Unmanned Systems closes its 2012 edition with great success on exhibitors, visitors and delegates. The only event of its kind held in Spain, has overcame the expectations created in UNVEX’10, demonstrating the interest and future of this technology, considered critical by the industry and the various institutions in the sector.

Furthermore, this year live demonstrations of some of the most important projects developed by various companies have been performed in the Marugán aerodrome, as well as the products of Embention.

Transcript of Interview to Embention about UNVEX 2012

What projects is Embention developing in the UAV sector?

We have developed two products to date. One is a guided bomb platform, for extinguishing wildfires, named Flamingo. It’s like an UAV, the only thing is that is not propelled, it operates carrying retardant load that is used for a direct fire attack. It uses GPS and inertial technology and has been designed for operation on situations in which a fire requires for a nocturnal extinction or there are strong winds, situations where extinction with other means is difficult or even impossible. Another of our products is the Veronte autopilot, our control system. Each Flamingo guided bomb carries one of these autopilots that can also be used for UAVs, such as helicopters, fixed wings, convertibles, etc…

What are the main technologies to develop in these systems?

What we have developed in our products is essentially algorithms that advanced GPS modes fusion, kinematic modes, low cost inertial sensors, air data, magnetometers and even artificial vision.

What it means to participate in UNVEX 2012 for Embention?

For us it is an opportunity to position ourselves in the sector, meet new clients, make commercial action, and even see how we are positioned with respect to other companies in the sector.