Embention enjoys a privileged location in professional UAVs sector, developing different solutions both the civil as military fields. Veronte’s performance permits to adapt and control the drone’s behaviour to the most demanding needs, also providing close and efficient technical support.  Our next project will be to conceive the PD-1 platform with Veronte a VTOL fixed wing platform developed by UKR Spec Systems.

An optimized flight: UKR Spec Systems PD-1 and the Veronte Autopilot

UKR Spec Systems has become one of the reference companies in VTOL‘S development and fixed-wing drones in the Slavic area. PD-1 platform has unique characteristics in its segment, having high autonomy thanks to its injection engine also having great robustness as ease of assembly, being perfect for military environments and high-performance applications.

UKR Spec Systems PD-1 is a high-reliable platform which fits perfectly with Veronte Autopilot, achieves unique flight control, specific flight phases for each stage of the mission, as well as smooth transitions even an advanced control of the payload.

High-quality standards

Embention and UKR Spec Systems begin its first collaboration with common main ideas, such as to invest on innovation, efficiency and increased use of UAV systems, taking the most demanding needs in any situation that requires it. Likewise, offering a technical service with complete support by high-qualified professionals.

Veronte Autopilot is manufactured and developed under rigid quality standards, complying the DO-178C / ED-12 and DO-254 certification standards, as well as with IP67. It is, therefore, the perfect complement when developing a totally unmanned platform with UKR Spec Systems.

Veronte allows advanced control of any kind of UAV VTOL hybrid aircraft, facilitating fully-autonomous flight missions, as well as platform’s adaptive control. Provides the system with the reliability and robustness necessary for military operations. Also, a single Veronte Autopilot, either in its simple version or with triple redundancy, allows advanced and fully-automatic control of all phases of a fixed-wing’s flight as well as the VTOL’s takeoff and vertical landing.