Embention always tries get the most out of new technologies. For this reason, Embention has developed its new Veronte bidirectional motor controller that is valid for the connection of 3-phase brushless motors for UAVs. Which can be linked at the same time to a high resolution encoder. This kind of motor controller can be used in actuators, gimbals, and other types of instrumentation where we want a soft and powerful movement. Thanks to the optimization of the integrated control algorithm, it is possible to obtain a maximum torque from the beginning. You can use it in locations with little space and where the weight is really important.

Features of the new Veronte Motor Controller

This system integrates the innovative FOC optimized algorithm for smaller engines, thus increasing the performance for small movements. The communication between the Veronte motor controller and the UAV autopilot is done through the CAN protocol. Through this bus we can control the actuator and obtain telemetry data such as the temperature of the PCB, the current position of the motor, the instantaneous current and the voltage that is being received, being able to detect anomalies as soon as possible.

New Veronte Motor Controller for UAVs - Connector

Due to its individual character design and the communication system it uses, the wiring can be designed in daisy-chain format. So it is possible to control up to 32 actuators in the same network, also located at long distances. This is useful for large UAS and UAS whose dimensions exceed the maximum distance for PWM control and/or similar signals. With the Veronte Motor Controller, you can receive information from each controller board using only two wires for communication.

In addition to all the above advantages, the Veronte Motor Controller offers the possibility to control relays, servos or lights through its digital outputs. Any kind of absolute position sensing can be connected through its differential SPI interface or I2C. These sensors can be fed simultaneously from the controller itself to a voltage of 3.3 or 5V, you can have in this way in your UAV a lower wiring per actuator.

In short, with the Veronte Motor Controller, you will have all the control to be able to perform any kind of soft, powerful and robust movement, thanks to the control algorithm and the communications bus that will allow you to control the actuator in all situations.