Nowadays, unmanned systems are being used more and more at military operations. Being able to make use of unmanned vehicles is, without a doubt, being one step ahead in any kind of armed conflict. However, we must not forget that they’re also used for terrorist purposes, hence the importance of always being up to date in C-UAV’s (Counter Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle).

Military operations using UAVs

Amongst the number of possibilities in which unmanned systems can be used in military operations, these are some of the most important ones:

  • Detection of chemical substances.
  • Delivering vaccines at restringed acccess zones.
  • Telecommunication’s relay.
  • IED’s detection and elimination.
  • Base perimeter monitoring.
  • Target observation.
  • Target elimination.
  • Close quarters combat (CQB).

The immediate goal of UAVs in the military area is being able to make logistic work routinely, without putting staff in danger during the good transportation, food supply and help at armed conflict zones.

Another one of the most important areas is the observation and surveillance of the defense perimeters, training zones, convoy security zones, etc. Captive drones reach a great power and become powerful in this area, inasmuch as they can keep a territory monitored during hours in a minimum human factor implicated. Conflictive zones can be easily controlled, also staff and vehicles can be detected from a great distance.

Carrying this type of drones at the top of a vehicle is an advantage, it provides a straight view in a short term of time. The captive drone can be used with different payment charges and at any kind of mission during day and night. It is more and more common to see this type of vehicle across the skies at operational zones, to the point where many do not take place without “Eyes in the sky”.

Embention’s offers compatible platforms for military operations

The TS150 Tethered Station is the complete solution to the land and sea borders control, due to its versatility both in its base station – which can be fixed, portable mast or any mobile platform – and also in the installation of surveillance customizable payloads, not to mention its unlimited flight capacity.