Offering custom product in Embention is one of our main objectives. We know that each UAV or platform is unique. Therefore, our task as developers and integrators is also to offer unique solutions such as Veronte PMU (Energy Management Unit). Embention has a special team that makes possible to the customer to acquire the latest yields of study and innovation, and create a high-quality product personalized according to the project needs.

Veronte PMU (Power Management Unit)

Our highly-demanding projects often need specific solutions. For example, Energy Control in UAVs with Veronte Autopilot is hugely important nowadays. One of our latest milestones in custom development has been the Veronte PMU (Power Management Unit): a sophisticated system that provides power supply redundancy and load/actuator power management.

Also, Embention considers essential that any product complies with quality and safety standards. Therefore, the Veronte PMU has been made in compliance with [DO-160G], [DO-254], [MIL-STD-461G] standards.

Veronte PMU Features & Anatomy

Unlike other UAV power switching methods, Veronte PMU has an amount of unique features that ensure high reliability and maximum safety.

PMU hosts a filtering stage to handle EMI and UAV transient interferences. Moreover, the PMU provides a steady, noise-free power output, fulfilling all DO-160G requirements such as transients and power supply interruptions. PMU also houses several channels for high reliability load power supply switching.

The PMU system is a plug-and-play device for our redundant autopilot 4xVeronte allowing an easy installation in any vehicle.