The drones sector is in full expansion and ensure flight safety is becoming increasingly important, avoiding both material or personal injury. Therefore, it is important to identify the area of operation so the system can not violate restricted area, nor leaving safe flight zones defined for the operation. By doing this, situations like entering into populated areas or airports, or collisions with obstacles like high voltage power lines or large trees can be avoided.

Veronte Autopilot integrates a module that allows the definitions of restricted/safe flight zones. Thus, the operator can define obstacles on the map so that the drone will never fly over (trees, power plants, military areas, …). Even though the optimal route defined in the mission crosses these areas, the drone will automatically avoid them.

It is likewise also possible to delimit safe flight zones, so the drone will always remain within even in automatic operation. This system allows the user to define irregular polygons to match all kind of areas like segregated airspace, private lands,.. or any other area that we want the drone never leave.

Configuration of obstacles & safe flight zones with UAVs - Pipe

Advanced functionalities in the management of obstacles & safe flight zones

These safety tools are compatible with all Veronte’s functionalities, being of special interest the ability to configure relative missions:

  • Definition of exclusion zone around moving targets such as boats, cars, keeping a safe distance all the time.
  • Delimitation of safe flight zones around a mobile control station, so the drone will never fly further than a defined distance.
  • Assignment of exclusion zones around another drone while flying, so multiple drones can share the same area.
  • etc…

Moreover, Veronte Autopilot system has other means to ensure safety in the operation: compliance with DO254 and DO178 / ED-12 regulations, double and triple redundancy, and configuration of automatic safe actions like go home, parachute release, maintain attitude…