With the quick development of UAV applications, it becomes clear that, for most tasks, the use of several UAVs at the same time usually contributes to improving the results and efficiency of the mission.

When is UAV formations used?

UAV formations can be used in many applications. From photogrammetry and reconnaissance missions, where the use of several drones can reduce mission time significantly, to surveillance of objectives, both mobile and static, where great efficiency and coverage can be acquired.

In any of these cases, the use of UAV formations is key to optimize the positioning of each of the nodes, to maximize coverage while avoiding blind spots.

Examples of useful formations


For reconnaissance, mapping, or seek missions. Both grid and line formations allow ensuring that the most terrain is covered, avoiding blind spots and overlapping, which allows covering very wide areas in very little time.


Escort formations are optimal for manned and unmanned squads, where sidewing UAVs provide support to, for example, a fighter pilot. The UAVs will follow the path of the pilot without disturbing its movement, providing payload support, or just waiting until a different mission is assigned to them.


Want to set up a surveillance perimeter in a very short time? A drone swarm can do this in a question of minutes. Deploy all drones and select the area to be surveyed. Each node of the net will take its place around the center and make sure no blind spots are left. This formation is also useful for a convoy or mobile points of interest since the positioning of the swarm can be relative to a ground unit.

UAV formation examples

Drone formations with Veronte Autopilot

With its ability to broadcast its position to other units and use these positions for navigation and guidance, Veronte can allow your units for optimal deployment of drone formations.

Both mothership (all nodes follow a master node) and flock (each node follows its closest node) formations are achievable with Veronte since all units can be used as nodes or even repeaters within the net.

Make sure to get the best out of your swarm missions by using formations along with Veronte Autopilot!