Nowadays efficiency and effectiveness have become one of the most desired goals in any engineering activity. It is essential to use the available programs, resources, focusing only on what is truly important and discarding the rest. The control architecture of a UAV does not escape to this premise.

Following this philosophy, at Embention we are focused on providing the highest functionality and flexibility to our customers using the least code possible. This is why we are currently pivoting from an opaque system to a more transparent and visual one, talking about the tools we provide to build control systems for UAVs. Our end goal is to provide to our customers a state of the art technology that allows them more freedom, expressiveness and speed in the creation of control architecture for UAVs. With Veronte Programs, any engineer is capable of building anything they can imagine without a single line of code, just algorithms are needed.

Since the introduction of Veronte Programs in our UAV control system, the versatility and configuration freedom have incredibly increased, at the time that we have provided an unlimited capacity to design different custom programs in the same configuration, being able to enable or disable custom programs to create different combinations for each user need.

Veronte Programs - Blocks

A set of Control Blocks have been created to enable conditional statements for different behaviours based on variable values, or the phase in which the UAV is at a given time. This is one of the reasons for the control capacity enhancement provided by Veronte Programs.

Now the variable monitorization and control capability is a lot easier allowing engineers to export variables from any point of an algorithm’s path and control its values. It is also possible to introduce Filter Blocks to provide a safer configuration by limiting the range of values of the filtered path, blocking potentially dangerous values for the integrity of the UAV.

Another great feature from this product is the Veronte Blocks Library, which allows users to create custom blocks for UAV control with the aim to reuse them or provide a cleaner overview of the program’s design. You can create your own MIMO blocks and save them in the library or use one of our presetted ones as the Energy Control Blocks.

Last but not least, just to highlight that all the improvements made in our user interface supports engineers creativity, since it allows the access to the most complex control configurations which at the same time, are expressed in an accessible and visual way. The visual quality of the Veronte Programs makes easier the understanding of the information, its storage, maintenance and reuse.

We are completely convinced that all these new capabilities will mean the next level in the UAV Control Architecture of the future and they will fulfill all our customers’s needs in terms of flexibility and versatility.

With Veronte Programs the future of control architecture comes to our hands, today.