It is not easy to predict what will happen in a market such as the one for UAV autopilots. But it seems that certain market trends will be key factors in 2016 and beyond.

Main market trends on UAV Autopilots

Improvement in the capture of images and videos

Users tend to maximize the resolution and precision of their images when working with drones. In this way the market trend is to maximize the integration of UAV autopilots & cameras so the correlation between images and captured data is optimal. The control of photo and video cameras, with or without gimbal systems, by UAV autopilots facilitates different kind of operations, such as fly-by-camera flight modes.

New sensor development

On 2016 it is essential the development and integration of new sensors in drones using UAV autopilots for automatic command and control. These new sensors will make possible new operations that today cannot be performed in addition to improve the operations of surveillance, cartography, photogrammetry, crop management,… this is the reason why this will be another market trend.

“Sense & Avoid” evolution

The combination of newest sensors and vision cameras can bring UAV autopilots to satisfactory perform operations including autonomous “Sense & Avoid” technology, which will permit the drones to fly in situations that today few systems can perform autonomously.

Mobile Platform - UAV Autopilots and their market trends in 2016

Integration of adaptive control

Adaptive control integration on UAV autopilots will be one of market trends in 2016 permitting systems to self-adjust flight & control parameters during the flight, essential for operations with systems in which aircraft layout varies significantly during the flight, as it is the case of tethered multirotors. Furthermore, to autonomously adapting to variable external conditions.


During 2016 we will see how the communication ranges will increase thanks to improvement of radio systems and the use of satellite communication systems. Even it will begin to proliferate the use of BLOS systems (Beyond Line Of Sight), technology already installed in some UAV autopilots: satellite communications, 4G LTE, …

Compatibility with mobile devices

Like in other industries one of the market trends is the continued migration to mobile platforms. In 2016 and beyond, it is expected more than ever that all kind of applications will can be run on Android and IOS devices. Of course the control systems and control software of the UAV autopilots will eventually adapt to this feature.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality applications will permit workers to comfortably operate in limited work spaces; without needing laptops or computers, simply using augmented reality glasses and voice commands for operating the system will be one of the possibilities in some systems for the 2016 and beyond.

Do not forget to note that in today’s market there are solutions that already comply with many of these qualities, such as Veronte Autopilot. Able to develop fly-by-camera operations, BLOS flight control, adaptive flight control, and being compatible with mobile devices like Veronte TGS, etc…