Veronte Autopilot is ready to operate with a countless compatible devices, permitting to program automatic device control during the flight as well as to capture sensor data for telemetry display or for using them for navigation or performing Automatic Actions.

Veronte has several communication and control ports, permitting to connect any compatible device: RS-232, CAN, Ethernet, PWM, GPIO, ARINC, digital capture, simple analog capture, differential analog capture,…

These compatible devices are especially useful operations such as: camera control for taking pictures and video recording; sense & avoid applications through the use of radars or LIDAR lasers; detection of risky situations thanks to the integration of rain, humidity, heat and pressure sensors, all of them applicable to operations like surveying, mining, agriculture, etc…

Compatible devices with Veronte Autopilot, among others

Compatible devices with Veronte - Volz Servos

Volz Servos

Precision servos; redundancy, feedback…

Compatible devices with Veronte - Pegasus Actuators

Pegasus Actuators

High performance actuators UAV.

Compatible devices with Veronte - MGL Avionics

MGL Servos

CAN actuators and cabstand systems.

Veronte - Standard Servos

Standard Servos

Futaba, Hitec, Multiplex, Savöx, Turmingy, etc…

Compatible devices with Veronte - Sagetech Transponders

Sagetech Transponders

Miniature transponders for UAS.

Compatible devices with Veronte - Air Avionics

Air Avionics

High performance transponders.

Compatible devices with Veronte - Smartmicro


Radar Altimeter with precision up to 500m.

Compatible devices with Veronte - UAV Vision

UAV Vision

High performance Gimbal with dual camera.

Compatible devices with Veronte - PulsedLight


Sensor LIDAR; altimeter, sense & avoid.

Compatible devices with Veronte - LightWare


Lidar precision proximity sensors.

Veronte - Precision Sensors

Precision Sensors

IMU & GPS: VectorNav, NextNav, etc…

Veronte - Veronte ESC

Veronte ESC

ESC of high reliability and performance.

Veronte - Standard ESC

Standard ESC

T-Motor, Scorpion, HobbyWing, etc…

Compatible devices with Veronte - GoPro

Go Pro

Cameras for outdoor use.

Veronte - Video and photo cameras

Video and photo cameras

Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, etc…

Compatible devices with Veronte - Tetracam


Multispectral cameras for UAV.

Compatible devices with Veronte - FLIR


Thermal cameras IR; Tau, Quark…

Compatible devices with Veronte - Virtual-Fly


Control stations cabin-like.

Compatible devices with Veronte - Honeywell


Precision sensors: RPM, temperature, …

Veronte - Iridium


Satellite global communications.

Veronte - FreeWave


High range radio: 900MHz & 2.4GHz.

Veronte - Microhard Systems

Microhard Systems

Data links: 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 400MHz.

Veronte Autopilot also supports a wide variety of devices: RC ESC; CAN / RS232 ESC; rain and humidity sensors; radar; altimeters, encoders; proximity, RFID, Teledetection, etc… Please ask to our team about the possibilities of integration for any device not included within the list.