The COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading fast around the world showing the need to use revolutionary technology to relieve this situation. For this reason, it is essential to control people’s movements and identify positive cases as soon as possible.

To maintain control and avoid the spread of the COVID-19, the police and security forces are carrying out very exhaustive control work, putting their health at risk and exposing to the disease. At Embention, we have a solution to this serious problem we are currently facing: TS150 Tethered Drone.

TS150 use against COVID-19

TS150 Tethered Drone is the perfect tool to control people’s movements and identify possible positive cases, thus avoiding endangering a large number of agents and security forces.

  • Allows remote control, minimizing agents’ exposure.
  • Increases the range of action, preventing potential offenders from trying to evade control.
  • Reduces the number of controls required thanks to the wide coverage radius.
  • It is a dissuasive element, preventing possible infringement attempts.
  • Reduce agents’ workload by automating repetitive tasks.

Thermal camera TS150 covid19 -

With 100% Spanish technology, this tethered drone has an unlimited flight capacity and wide field of vision. The TS150 Tethered Drone can fly continuously during all the operation without the need to replace the batteries or landing for refueling. Furthermore, considering the gravity of the current situation, Embention is working so the system can have specific improvements for this application:

  • Training Artificial Intelligence software for license plate identification.
  • Develop automatic alarm/authorization system to identify potential offenders and to reduce security forces workload.
  • Use of radiometric thermal cameras to measure people’s temperature and try to identify possible contagions as soon as possible. With these cameras, it must be possible to identify fever cases at 100m.

Coronavirus control

We all have to fight together to prevent the spreading of this virus. We are facing complicated months, where controls will be very important in order to identify possible focal points or rebounds. At Embention, we want to thank all the people who are working hard to fight against this disease and we are willing to demonstrate that a good use of technology can offer great benefits to society.