The year 2018 already began and more drones applications that will be part of our daily life in the short term are becoming known. The traffic that circulates in our roads will be monitored with drones very soon. Until today, traffic control is performed by manned helicopters, but these vehicles are getting close to the end of their useful life due to the imposition of a technological renovation, so these helicopters will tend to be substituted by radar drones.

Traffic control authorities employ radar drones not only to monitor road conditions and to fine drivers over speed limits, but also for accidents investigation purposes, to help to minimize traffic jams in big cities as well as for tracking special transports, detecting dangerous maneuvers, detecting breakdowns and reading license plates, among many other uses.

Radar drones have great advantages in comparison to helicopters: since drones don’t require a pilot and their fuel consumption is much lower, they can optimize costs and permit to use those savings into new resources for traffic control. Besides, they can be tuned and repaired more easily. Nevertheless, currently drones have some disadvantages, since their autonomy doesn’t reach the one of traditional helicopters, but as we will see down below, the use of NM& TS150 with radar drones has all the advantages of common drones but also unlimited autonomy.

Advantages provided by NM& TS150 to radar drones

NM& TS150 tethered station consists of a station that keeps the drone secured to it with an ultra-light and ultra-resistant cable. What it makes so special to this tethered station is that the cable that keeps the drone secured, provides safe bidirectional communications, telemetry and video transmission. Data transmission through the cable avoids attacks with interferences and data piracy, as well as the capture of the drone preventing its localization. In addition, this cable continuously provides power, permitting operations with radar drones unlimitedly so batteries won’t be an issue anymore.

The tethered station NM& TS150 is compatible with the majority of multirotor radar drones, as well as it can be installed in mobile platforms or vehicles such as cars or ships, in order to perform traffic control tasks, surveillance and other operations anywhere in the world. Its flight autonomy and the great capacities of NM& TS150 will help to increase the roads safety.