Tracking antennas are systems that track the location of drones and UAS. It uses drone position information to accurately orient the antenna in the UAV direction. These kind of systems highly increases the signal range being suitable for its use in telemetry & telecommand communications and for video links. Increasing the range of operation from the control station.

Directional antennas have significantly high gains, compared to omnidirectional ones. In contrast, the radiation angle is limited to a few degrees, reducing the beam of action. Being this beam narrower meanwhile the gain is higher. It makes necessary to have precision tracking systems when seeking to operate over long distances. Tracking antennas or tracker systems permit to install directional antennas allowing to establish long range communications with drones or UAS at the time it minimizes interferences from other signals.

Tracking antennas: Veronte Tracker

The Veronte Tracker tracking antenna installs high precision actuators and sensors that permit to automatically orient the directional antenna. This system is suitable for any kind of drone, UAS, RPAS, UAV, USV, UGV, etc…

Veronte Tracker is compatible with different kind of antennas, such as: parabolic, patch, grid, etc… In addition to being completely removable for easy handling and transportation.

Veronte Tracker tracking antennas are fully compatible with Veronte Autopilot in order to get an accurate tracking of moving objects. This Plug and Play system improves system performance with the embedded tracking module. The drone sends its position to the control station with a high degree of accuracy, so it can command the tracking antenna. The use with Veronte Autopilot enables manual control functionalities so it can be controlled from a joystick or Veronte Pipe in case it is required.