Due to the constant development of new defense systems and weapons which are getting more and more efficient, systems that permit properly test these weapons are needed. To this end, Towed Target UAS can be used on training exercises for the military personnel and for testing military defense systems. This is the reason why these drones faithfully emulate the signature level of infrared and radar for hostile aircrafts and missiles, simulating the signal of common threats.

A towed target is a UAS that can be carried by any target tug vehicle, drone or other manned system. Nowadays target tugs are increasingly becoming unmanned drones. On this way the possible unnecessary risks are avoided and also maintenance, operation and preparation costs are reduced. In order to avoid target tugs being damaged during the training and test exercises, these UASs can incorporate electronic defense systems which protects them from radar-based weapons.

Towed Target UAS

Characteristics of the Towed Target UAS

Towed Target UAS have different specifications that characterize them. One of these characteristics is the use of signal amplifiers for RCS (Radar Cross Section) to simulate that the towed target is larger or another kind of aircraft or UAS. This emulation endows the Towed Target with larger versatility, being capable of performing various tests of aerial vehicle detection for the military defense systems with a single unit.

In addition they also permit to incorporate scoring systems such as counters of received shots and distance of the misfire detectors. These systems permits to statistically monitoring maneuvers and progressive evolution of the military members training.

Low cost electronics can also be installed in the Towed Target making it able to make turns and other kind of maneuvers during the flight, always within the limitations of the cable anchoring it to the tug. With these new systems it is possible not only to stabilize the flight of the Towed Target, but also permits to realize preconfigured evasion maneuvers and perform flights similar to real threats.

These avionics systems that Towed Target UAS can integrate make possible the incorporation of these and other functionalities. Veronte Autopilot is an example of these avionics, providing a high level of reliability, performance and security in the missions (e.g. ascend/descend, weaving, random maneuvers, etc…), while maintaining a reduced price.