In these times, where more and more people prefer to use touch screen systems to carry a computer with them, the need that all applications have a touch interface that allows their use has arisen. Therefore, the control systems of UAVs would not be an exception. Because the graphics interfaces provide us with a simple visual environment between the user and the UAV.

But, what is a touch user interface?

For a while now, and thanks to the appearance of tactile mobile devices such as a Tablet, graphics interfaces as such they were no longer optimal. This is why the “touch user interface” born. The touch user interface continues to provide us, as well as the graphic, a simple visual environment, but with the benefit that it is usable in a tactile way. That is, without requiring a keyboard, mouse or other control devices, we can use the program without difficulties.

In the drone sector, we can find applications that allow flight management of their own UAV autopilots. But they do not have touch user interfaces eliminating the possibility of using them in a tactile device. In addition, and although some do have a window to see in real time the movements of the joysticks of the instrument panel, none has a “virtual stick” that allows real-time management of the UAV. That makes it necessary to have a control station to be able to fly them.

Touch user interface for controlling professional UAVs - Joystick

Compatible applications with a touch user interface

At Embention, within our flight management program Veronte Pipe , we have already implemented a user interface prepared for use as a touch user interface of control. This interface allows the operator to show or modify the system variables directly, and even pilot the UAV, thanks to the “virtual stick” component, without the need for an external control station.

Although Veronte Pipe has a wide range of components and configurations, the most important, speaking of touch control interface, is the “Virtual Stick” component. This component emulates a joystick, which allows controlling the movement of the payload or the flight route of the UAV without external components such as transmitters or other similar devices. Distinguishing Veronte Pipe from other similar control programs in this way. Since the vast majority need an external control station for piloting.

If we want to get the most out of our UAV with a touch user interface of control, Embention makes available to users the control station Veronte TCS Tablet. This control station allows Veronte Pipe software to control any Veronte system without the need of any auxiliary device.