The UAV industry is growing very fast, the more time is passing the more drone manufacturers are emerging with new ideas, new vehicles and new developments. At the same time, the faster a company can have its UAVs ready to fly and to be used, the faster it will grow in this sector, for that reason at Embention we believe that offering good engineering support to our customers is crucial to help them to compete in this dynamic market. 

As the use of drones is becoming more and more usual and in more and more applications, the drone industry has grown exponentially over the last years. In the meanwhile UAV manufacturers are trying to adapt their systems to the requirements of this never stopping market, but designing a new unmanned system or adapting an existing version to the new requirements, takes a lot of time and dedication, and the UAV manufacturers need all the help and assistance possible to move forward and arrive to the final stage of their projects as soon as possible.

It is obvious that the autopilot system is one of the most critical components that a UAV can integrate. Configuring this system properly is the starting point that decides how the whole project will evolve and if it will finally meet the mission requirements. Before moving to the real flight with the autopilot it is vital to simulate and see if the configuration of the system has been successfully defined, that is why the services that the manufacturer of the autopilot can provide, will help a lot the UAV designer to move faster with its project.

Besides the simulation process and autopilot configuration, once the field operations start and it is time to perform real flights, having advanced technical support from the autopilot supplier can make the project timing schedule shorter and achieve successful and complete flights.

Leaders in Autopilots and Components for Drones & UAM

Having 15 years of experience in the UAV industry, at Embention, we closely collaborate with our customers and partners with the integration of Veronte Autopilots and other critical components on all kinds of professional UAVs, drones and UAM systems, providing remote and onsite support for drone projects worldwide.

For early stages of the projects at Embention we usually offer the HIL Simulator License and Veronte Autopilot configuration & HIL model by which our engineers create a digital model of the customer’s platform to simulate with it in X-plane Simulator, at the time that preconfigure the autopilot according to the platform parameters, that way when the customer receives the autopilot is almost ready to fly needing only the fine tuning and final adjustment to be ready to fly. Despite this service includes wiring diagram assistance, flight phase definition, control channel & automations configuration and failsafe integration according to vehicle and mission requirements.

On the other hand, Embention offers onsite advanced engineering services in the customer’s facilities for the integration and configuration of the whole system, assuring that way that everything is ready to perform a real flight with the level of safety and reliability required. This service also includes training the team to understand how to manage the system and control all the configuration and customizations that the system, due to its flexibility, allows.

Nowadays due to the covid pandemic effects and before the impossibility of travelling to many countries, our engineers have increased their efforts to provide high quality remote engineering service via video call, email, etc. since our customers are all worldwide.

Veronte Components for Drones & UAM

Veronte Autopilot is the unique control system developed under the DO178 & DO254 standards, and the core of the first RPAS issued with a type certificate in Europe. It is the “brain” of the first drone that has passed VVZ1 TC and VVZ2 TC with LufABw (Military Aviation Authorities) in Germany.

In this sense, Embention not only offers a certification data pack that proves that is products have been developed under the DO quality standards, but also provides support for the certification of its customer’s drones/eVTOL/UAS/RPAS and all kinds of autonomous systems according to the main international regulations & authorities: FAA, EASA, AESA, ENAC, DGAC.

All the products and services provided by Embention have only a main goal, to enable the drones to populate our skies.

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