Surveillance and security with professional drones

Nowadays it has been proven that drone technology is very useful to develop and improve production in multiple industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, oil, etc… Among these industries and many others, the most noteworthy functions are surveillance and security missions with drones.

The use of drones for surveillance and security purposes provides multiple functionalities regarding aerial image capture and real time video. Most common operations are: border protection and control, natural disaster management, strategic facilities monitoring, maritime search and rescue, forest conservation, environmental management, animal watching, private property supervision,…

In addition, these possibilities grow exponentially by adding payloads for professional use. By including thermal, multispectral and/or visual cameras, surveillance drones provide extensive data records and enable missions in hard conditions such as night missions, firefighting missions, natural disasters, etc…

Surveillance and security with professional drones - Firefighting

Surveillance and security functions with NM& W200 drone

NM& W200 is a high performance drone that installs Veronte Autopilot for payload and flight control, it is ready for autonomous operations commanded by GPS and inertial sensors. This drone can be ready to perform surveillance operations in a few minutes. Entire mission can be monitored or controlled from a tablet or computer, such as Veronte TGS, Veronte HGS or any other control station.

This drone can perform large area inspections and collect information thanks to the payload installed (cameras and sensors) onboard. This surveillance drone can monitor power lines, water conducts or pipelines, at the time it also can observe the meteorology, marine and ground activity, etc…

In the same way NM& W200 is able to perform foresight, action and rescue tasks missions. Thanks to its infrared camera it can accurately locate wounded or shipwrecked on land or at sea respectively. Besides its surveillance functionalities, it should be noted that it can supply aid elements in emergency situations, trapped & injured people, …

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