The multirotor drones or multicopters are in vogue for a while now among UAVs users for a wide variety of applications, where is replacing other systems like classic helicopters. With multirotor drones it is possible to access to small and interior places; with a low operation cost, it permits to make pictures close to buildings, bridges, constructions, crops,… Also they enable flying at low altitudes or stationary, achieving a high control in photography and framing, and bringing quick results.

Multirotor drones mainly use electric motors to accelerate and to move, avoiding the polluting gases from combustion engines, thanks to the high efficiency lithium batteries used on these platforms. It should be noted that meanwhile more rotors the multicopter installs the more stable and controllable it will be. Multicopter can be categorized according to their number of rotors, existing: quadcopters (4 rotors), hexacopters (6 rotors), octocopters (8 rotors), etc…

With respect to existing multirotor drones nowadays in the market, abound systems for amateur or hobby use. These units do not have a guarantee of reliability (essential for operation with professional imaging equipment) and integrate communications systems for operating within a few meters from the control station. These systems do not permit to configure the autonomous aircraft flight or have very limited options, these handicaps are overcome when a multirotor drone and the Veronte Autopilot converge.

Professional multirotor drones platforms, Embention

Veronte Autopilot for multirotor drones

Veronte is a professional control system for high-performance applications where security and system integrity become crucial. Veronte allows completely autonomous flight in which you can control both the mission and the payload or gimbal; disposing advanced functionalities for configuration of any maneuver or autonomous behavior during the flight. Manual control modes are also available in Veronte, making possible to control aircraft or payload from the joystick or the control station, controlling the system by simply tilting the tablet in the desired direction. Veronte TGS is a lightweight and portable ground control station that installs Veronte Autopilot within a rugged tablet for high mobility applications.

Veronte Autopilot is available in OEM version, weighing just 90 grams, including all necessary components to control the platform (sensors, processors, GPS,…) also there are available redundant versions, and the documentation necessary for obtaining flight permits and system certification. With this system, the pilot can take manual control at any time with a radio link up to 90 km; being compatible with operations in the absence of GPS, in which drones multirotor remain in stable flight, maintaining a fixed altitude and attitude.

This system is compatible with any shape and number of rotors. Thanks to the adaptive control there are possible applications with tethered multirotor drones or those that the aircraft plant varies during the operation; painting of facades, construction control, surveillance, etc… taking advantage of the autonomy and security of these configurations.

In conclusion, multicopter type UAV systems provide many possibilities of use by installing Veronte for both professional uses together with hobby applications, permitting to have a professional equipment adapted to the needs of each user.