Nowadays, police forces are already being prepared to deploy their own air force squadrons composed by drones. These new technologies can help to deal with crime and perform various additional operations. On a continuous improvement, drones are becoming essential tools to help the modernization of security forces, including police.

In order to protect public and private property and to fight against crime, the use of drones enabling to get crime evidences in real time. Drones are capable of collecting high-resolution images and videos, thanks to the use of visible and thermal cameras.

In different circumstances, such as, in case of adverse weather conditions, police forces can not use helicopters or other conventional aerial resources. However, drones are able to operate with minimal risk for both personnel and material. They are able to operate under rain at the time it reports accidents or traffic jams, flies near to fires and even penetrate in them, etc…

Police endowment with drones to the fight against cime - Night Vision

Potential uses of drones for police forces

In rural areas drones can be used by police forces for the location and surveillance of local wildlife intrusions into populated areas, to control poachers and to surprise crops thieves. It provides the necessary resources for monitoring people about to commit a crime that are hardly aware that they are being monitored by a drone.

Police may perform inspections with drones in suspicious buildings being used by criminal gangs, helping to search and rescue missing people, documenting chemical incidents, finding electricity extractions used in cannabis cultivations, establishing security cordons for visits of great leaders, etc…

Any police force interested in having these functionalities or any other advanced performance can get a NM& M400</a> or NM& M600 multirotor for stationary inspections or a NM& W210 for surveillance operations over large areas. These drones integrate Veronte Autopilot, core system that permits operate completely autonomously.