One of the most sought objectives in the field of UAVs is the maximization of flight endurance. This is one of the strongest points in the Penguin aircraft. Penguin UAV achieved an endurance record of 54.5 hour flight without landing. It amply broke previous record, bearing temperatures above 30 ºC and wind gusts exceeding 20 m/s.

The wingspan in this UAV is 3.3 meters from wing tip to wing tip and have a capacity of 11.5 kg of payload. MTOW (Maximum TakeOff Weight) is 21.5 Kg. Technical characteristics point to a flight endurance of 20 hours thanks to the integration of fuel injection engines. All this with 10 Kg payload, with a maximum speed of 22 m/s, and a maximum flight altitude of 5000 meters.

Penguin UAV and Veronte Autopilot for Advanced Operations - Takeoff

Get the best of Penguin UAV with Veronte Autopilot

Penguin UAV is designed for high endurance and long range operations. With the integration of Veronte Autopilot distances have no limits, in addition to the long-range LOS radios, satellite connectivity, 4G and Veronte Cloud makes possible to operate the system from anywhere in the world via the Internet or the satellite network.

In addition, the advanced control modules available in Veronte Autopilot permit to obtain the maximum performance of Penguin UAV: navigation based on curves, sense and avoid, RTK precision, configurable automation, fly-by-camera, gimbal control, relative missions, situational awareness, …

Regarding reliability and safety. Veronte is developed according to DO178 and DO254 aviation regulations bringing a documentation package including evidences for system certification. It makes possible to demonstrate system reliability and probe standards used in the design of the autopilot. Veronte includes other features such as: triple redundant versions, FTS (Flight Termination System), configurable fail-safe, …

Because of the need to operate in populated areas and due to the criticality of new applications focused on the civilian market: courier services, surveillance, inspections, … Veronte Autopilot integration is the best choice in order to face a certification process for the Penguin UAV.