Everything, we always want to have everything in our hands, but sometimes this is not possible.

We love the freshness, lightness, flexibility and above all cheapness of an open-source code autopilot. But at the same time we strongly desire to have the reliability, stability and safeness of a professional autopilot system with a proprietary software supported by experienced engineers, and which are capable of providing peace to our souls every time that our UAVs plough through the skies.

The ease of an Open Source Code

Nowadays in fact, the easiness that an open-source code provides in a primary stage of our UAV project is wonderful, since it will place our platform in the sky quickly and with not much effort or knowledge from our side. Our UAV will become autonomous, and everything will be perfect… until we realized that our professional UAV with serious expectations of great success in the market is not much more than a toy whose reliability makes it impossible to commercialize with a minimum of guarantees

The reliability of a Professional Autopilot

This is the point where we will look for a professional autopilot system capable of providing the tranquility and serenity that our old open source code autopilot rabidly stole to us.

These systems are stable, work great, and give to our aircraft system a plus of reliability, prestige, and professionalism that otherwise would have been impossible. Their performance is clearly higher than any other open-source code autopilot in the market since it is guaranteed and supported for, in most of the cases, many years of experience of the producer companies.

But what if we could join the best of both fighters in just one autopilot system?, what if you could get the flexibility of an open-source code autopilot with the highest performance, the highest professionality and the highest reliability and safety of a system designed and produced under the quality standards DO178, DO254 and DO160? Easy, you would win the fight…

Veronte Autopilots: the definitive solution 

This is what Embention offers you through its professionalVeronte Autopilots, the best of both fighters. A complete comprehensive solution capable of joining only the virtues of both fighters discarding the rest.

Its flexibility allows the user to modify almost all the parameters and configurations to adapt the system to his needs but keeping the reliability and trustiness of a professional autopilot system present in the market from 15 years ago with a controlled MTBF either for Veronte Autopilot 1X or Veronte Autopilot 4X

The operator can take control of for example the following performances with all the guarantees without modifying the source code:

  • The Phases: Configure different guidance and control loops for each stage of the flight
  • The Loops: Customize control phases up to PID level and configure adaptive control
  • Automations: Configure automatic actions (go home, activate payload, output signal, change phase…) to occur on a certain event (datalink loos, battery, altitude, waypoint…)
  • Operations: Introduce custom operations among system variables
Block tool - Open Source Code Vs Professional Autopilot System, 2 fighters in the same ring

The highest quality of the sensors together with the redundancy in most of them, make Veronte one of the most reliable and reputable autopilots in the world. If besides we have the option of having a redundant autopilot such as our Veronte Autopilot 4X between hands, our possibilities will be infinite.

In the battlefield of the professional autopilots, there is a fighter that stands out among the others. Its name is Veronte.