Conceived, designed and made in Embention, the NM&TS150 tethered drone can install all kinds of payloads at altitudes up to 150m. The UAV is able to perform unlimited duration flights, even in certain rain conditions.

The equipment includes Veronte Autopilot for controlling the flight and managing  automatic cable release. Veronte is also dedicated to the control of the integrated payload. And it is able to send its telemetry to the GCS in real-time during the action.


The use of a Veronte Autopilot powered Ground Control Station makes possible to install the NM&TS150 tethered drone in moving platforms. Tether Station is able to communicate in real-time its position to the UAV. In this way, using the Rendevouz guidance of the Veronte System, it is possible to move the base station while the UAV is flying. This functionality allows a safe TS150 installation on moving platforms like vehicles or boats.

Thanks to Veronte Gimbal and the data transfer technology developed in Embention, it is possible to transmit a 4K-quality and infrared video along the cable. This provides safe data communications, making it impossible to hack them. In addition, cable transmission makes it easy to have a high-quality image control station for real-time operations and video recording. Avoiding the usual delays in radio systems.

The real-time video processing technology developed by Embention makes it a completely autonomous system. Reducing the camera operator fatigue and the amount of personnel needed to carry out surveillance work. This artificial intelligence software has target tracking algorithms and moving object detection, among others. Maximizing team effectiveness.


Veronte Autopilot functions also include failure prediction and detection. Being tied to the ground, the NM&TS150 tethered drone guarantees that, once a safe operation area is defined (with a radius equal to the maximum flight altitude configured), and thanks to the fiber-reinforced cable, no material or personal will be in danger in the event of an accident.

During the activity, once a failure or a deviation from the nominal operation is detected, the NM&TS150 tethered drone automatically displays an alert to the flight operator and proceeds by activating the fail-safe landing routines. Fail-safes includes also an emergency landing procedure, performed using the backup batteries installed onboard. This procedure allows a safe landing in the case of a detected breakdown in the system’s main power supply.