After nearly a decade of extensive experience in the field of UAV and successful launches, including its firefighting system, Flamingo, and UAV control system, Veronte Auotpilot, Embention continues surprising with its new drone, NM& W210. This UAV is able to perform professional functions for various applications in the fields of precision agriculture, crop management and control, gas and pipeline inspection, mining, construction, resource management, wildlife and plant life control, firefighting, topography, etc… without forgetting its unbeatable price with which portends a great commercial success.

Main features of NM& W210

One of the most remarkable capabilities of NM& W210 drone is its capability to flight fully autonomously, from takeoff to landing, including also manual and assisted flight control modes. Thanks to the more than 2 hours autonomy, offered by its long life battery, this UAV can perform large flight tasks flight like mapping, photogrammetry, etc… in a single flight while other UAV systems require from several flights for the same operation. Another factor that makes possible its great autonomy is the EPO foam manufacture, including carbon fiber reinforcements; which gives very low weight; maintaining a high durability, as well as the integration of high-performance AXI motors.

NM& W210 drone and NM& L200 catapult

The UAV NM& W210 is more than competitive, thanks to the different advanced functionalities available on its Veronte control system; highly configurable including user customizable system routines, for setting the activation of automatic actions on any event in the system as capture images, turn on video transmission system, cargo release, etc… This drone is equipped with a high reliability control system in compliance with DO254 and DO178 / ED-12 aviation regulations, including also a customizable Failsafe mode which will react to the loss of communications, system failure, low battery, or any another risky event configured.

Besides all the qualities described, the UAV NM& W210 is extremely versatile with a wide variety of interchangeable payloads. Users may choose among high resolution cameras for aerial photography from 16.1MP to 36.4MP, prepared and configured for automatic shooting. Other available options are multispectral cameras for crop and water resource management or infrared cameras for surveillance and thermal monitoring. It must not be forgotten that this drone also has the ability to add a real time video system with a 1.2GHz data link. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that performance does not comply with user expectations, Embention offers the integration of custom payloads, adapted to the desired application, such as parachute load release, SATCOM communications, custom cameras, etc…

In conclusion the NM& W210, apart from its high performance offers unbeatable value for money, with prices around 3.400 EUR for full flight platforms and 2.500 EUR for ground equipment, being market prices for aircrafts with lower performance tens of thousands of Euros, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.