Embention keeps continuously developing its products improving day by day their capabilities and performance. On this occasion, we announce the new design of NM& M400 multirotor drone. This multirotor drone is available in both standard and tethered versions. Being able to develop all kind of activities: control and conservation of wildlife and flora, firefighting, precision agriculture, crop management and control, natural resources management, surveying, construction, inspection of oil and gas pipelines, mining, … all while maintaining a reasonable price and breaking the market of professional multirotor drones.

NM& M400 multirotor drone advantages

NM& M400 for endurance up to 52 min in the standard version, reaching speeds up to 80 km/h. Furthermore, it is able to carry payloads of up to 1.4 kg. This drone is one of the first multirotor which has available a tethered drone conversion kit. The conversion is as simple as changing the battery with the adapter provided. The installed control system is compatible with the control of the tethered drone, being totally autonomous in any of its configurations. This is achieved using the latest technology in sensors and processors to deliver advanced control of the unmanned platform.

NM& M400 multirotor drone improves design and performance - UAV

Like in any other NM& aircraft, M400 incorporates Veronte Autopilot avionics system for the automatic flight control of this drone and the installed payload. Providing a high-reliability thanks to the development process followed according to the aviation regulations DO254 and DO178 / ED-12. It also includes configurable failsafe modes with which it is possible to set the desired mitigation in the absence of signal, a system failure, low battery, or any other event or difficulty.

Veronte Autopilot is the core of this unmanned multirotor drone. This latest generation electronics can be configured for all kinds of applications and operations, providing a wide flexibility to NM& M400. Flight phases and control channels eases multirotor configuration for any professional mission, including automatic flight modes for custom missions at the time there are also manual and manually-assisted flight modes.