As it has been doing in recent times, Embention expands its drone catalog with its new high performance fixed-wing UAV, the NM& F300. It is a UAV prepared for all kind of operations and applications providing a great autonomy and reliability. Applications within the sectors of precision agriculture, crops management and control, gas and petroleum pipeline inspection, mining, construction, resource management, flora and fauna conservation, firefighting, topography, etc…

Notable characteristics of the NM& F300

This fixed-wing drone has a high autonomy, up to 3 hours flight with a 4 kg payload and speeds between 50 and 120 km/h. Performance of the NM& F300 has already been amply demonstrated, in previous projects like the “Drones Against Tsetse” project. A joint project with the IAEA, the government of Ethiopia and the FAO, where this UAV has been adapted by Embention for the application of the SIT (Sterile Insect Technique) in Africa, in order to control the population of the tsetse fly.

NM& F300, new fixed wing UAV of high performance - runway

The NM& F300 is a fixed wing aircraft for multifunctional applications with a strong and lightweight fuselage. It incorporates an avionics system, or autopilot, for the automatic control of the fixed-wing flight and the installed payload. In the same way, the engine is very reliable reducing maintenance costs and permitting to operate in the severest locations.

Veronte Autopilot is the heart of this unmanned fixed wing UAV. This innovative avionics system can be configured for all kind of operations and missions, providing a great versatility to NM& F300. Flight phases and control channel configuration make possible to customize the UAV for any specific operation, being possible to setup flight modes for custom missions and to take manual control with full manual and assisted manual modes.

In short, the NM& F300 is a cost effective aircraft for high performance missions, installing a high reliability avionics system including user customizable safety procedures, such as: “go home” in case of data link loss, landing in a preset point if it detects low fuel, etc… For more details of this fixed-wing UAV and its highly competitive price check on Embention website.