Embention searches the development of new products in favor of their customers. Because of that, we have added a new product to Veronte’s range, which makes the customers’ work and use easier. New Veronte TCS Tablet is the new option to our control station portable, making possible controlling remotely any drone with Veronte Autopilot.

New Veronte TCS Tablet’s Characteristics

This new accessory allows the user to freely choose any conventional tablet on the market today which complies with minimum requirements to be possible the communication with our autopilot to complete a full control station. It is as easy as to install Veronte Pipe Software and connect a USB cable to the tablet. The table must work with Windows 10 and mast have at least a USB 3.1 type C. The cable will directly feed the Veronte Autopilot and will perform the data connection at the same time.

A customized electronic box is integrated into the tablet backside according to functions required. Our Veronte Autopilot and its complements according to the customer’s requirements will be found on the box.

A video receiver or a transmitter could fit in the electronic box, as well as a video capture to have a total control of the obtained video of our drone and its processing. Also, there is a separated gadget in order to contain a battery with the aim of feeding the integrated accessories. The cover is easily removable to charge the battery.

Whole elements package is made of ABS, guaranteeing its durability and resistance. The corresponding antennas of the customized electronic system will be also integrated inside, for instance, a GPS antenna.

New Veronte TCS tablet, more flexible than ever - Only one hand

The way to hold the Veronte TCS Table Universal is ergonomic, because of the fact that you can pick up it with one hand and operate on the screen with the Veronte Pipe software with the other one effortlessly. What is more, it is also possible to connect the radio station directly to the Veronte TCS Tablet control station through a connector and pilot our drone in manual mode or arcade (semiautomatic).

To sum up, the combined system of the new Veronte TCS Universal and Veronte Autopilot allows taking one step further of the professional operations applications like surveillance, search and rescue -maritime rescue, too-, energetic installations’ maintenance and supervision, water supply’s monitoring, border’s surveillance and more.