Embention keeps developing Veronte products which are innovative, high performance and great quality components for unmanned systems. This time Embention launches its new Veronte Gimbal for professional applications of any kind, either civil, commercial or military. The new gimbal is redesigned to satisfy the most demanding requisites.

Features of the new Veronte Gimbal

Two models of the new Veronte Gimbal are available for sale; both gimbals are giro-stabilized in two axis. The standard version of Veronte Gimbal includes a full HD visible camera with x10 optical zoom and includes a Flir thermal camera with 320×256 resolution. For the most demanding, there is a version with higher performances available: “Veronte Gimbal Pro”, which embeds a visible camera with x30 optical zoom and a thermal camera with 640×512 resolution. Besides, both gimbals are available in their SC version, which are only equipped with a visible camera.

Every version of Veronte Gimbal has the capacity of codifying IP video, record video and take pictures. In addition, they are capable to perform video processing tasks for target tracking. This cutting-edge solution is perfect for monitoring and surveillance missions, performing maneuvers or rounds while keeping moving targets as a reference, “Follow Me” missions, intrusion detection and so on.

New Veronte Gimbal with professional capabilities - Solar panels zoom

Veronte Autopilot and the new Veronte Gimbal are fully integrated, which permits to use data about the gimbal position or the video processing features in the system navigation. All this allows to perform flight operations such as “fly by camera”, which permits to control the UAV in a simple and intuitive way, aiming the camera on the target to follow and with the help of a remote control or joystick the UAS will adjust its flight keeping a stable position over the target. Furthermore, it is possible to perform “geo-tagging” that permits the drone to show the GPS coordinates of detected or selected targets on the video feed, and geo-location that permits the gimbal to aim to the geographic coordinates indicated.

To sum up, the combined system of the new Veronte Gimbal and Veronte Autopilot allows to take a step beyond to all professional applications such as surveillance, search and rescue (also maritime), maintenance and supervision of energetic facilities, monitoring of water supplies or convoys, border surveillance and much more.