Embention, and Veronte, its control system for unmanned aircrafts (UAV, UAS, RPAS and Drones), has won the support of CDTI with NEOTEC program. This guarantee allows Embention to expand its R&D efforts in developing their products based on its autopilot to, among other purposes, achieve a failsafe avionics system for autonomous platform control. Veronte integrates a set of sensors and processors for advanced control of unmanned platforms.

As David Benavente says, founder and CEO of the company, “The support of NEOTEC allows us to delve into our development aimed at developing our autopilots for use on various platforms such as Flamingo, which it will help make firefighting works in adverse conditions”. Embention is in full expansion phase through agreements and an ambitious international expansion.

Initiative NEOTEC

The NEOTEC project aims to support the development and strengthening of new technology-based companies in Spain. A technology-based company (EBT) is a company in which his action is concentrated on the use of products or services that need the use of technology or knowledge created from scientific activity. The EBT focus their business initiative or action in the intensive domain of the scientific and technical competence.

The most important feature in the projects submitted to this initiative is its business plan focused on the development of technology (the technology should be the competitive player that distinguishes the company), building on self-development of R&D trends. The companies which their business plan is primarily focused on services to third parties without creating proprietary technology are no adjusted. The intention is to help new entrepreneurs in the business world, the aim of NEOTEC is no help diversify from other companies already formed with the same technological trunk, or incorporate new activities in other companies, as can be the case of a commercial company, which creates another to develop own products.