Moving Object Detection is a technique used in Artificial Vision. It consists of processing the video so that any object moving within the field of view can be detected. This technique is used to recognize the movement of an object, vehicle, or person through a camera in an autonomous mode and displaying an alarm to the operator.

To do this, the video background will be detected, and moving objects will be identified in the foreground image. In other words, the objective is that any kind of object in movement within the image is automatically detected.

What techniques exist?

There are numerous techniques that can be used to detect moving objects, some simple, and others more complex.

  • A very common simple technique is to find the difference between two or more frames. With the background of the image, any moving object would be detected in the foreground.
  • A more complete alternative is to use an estimation algorithm that is capable of comparing two or more frames. Furthermore, this type of algorithm can even estimate the speed of what is detected. One of the examples of algorithms widely used in this type of technology is Optical Flow.

What is this technology for?

This technology can be used in industrial, security and surveillance applications, such as border, airports, or port surveillance. The aim is that any kind of intrusion within a restricted area is detected.

It is mainly used as an aid to operators who monitor through a camera, reducing the operator workload and increasing the number of cameras per operator. The video processing algorithms will notify to the operator the existence of any type of object in movement within the image.

These types of technologies are widely used in posts, walls, or roofs. However, using Moving Object Detection with Drones and UAVs could greatly improve performance in surveillance, since it significantly increases the field of view.


Moving Object Detection with Drones

As we have mentioned, using this technique in drones and UAVs can greatly increase the field of vision to be covered. At Embention, we have drones using this technique.

  • Our TS150 Tethered Drone has unlimited flight capacity. It can monitor any area of interest since it can rotate 360º and go up to 150 meters high.
  • A simple interface like our TS150 APP allows the operator to decide, after detecting a movement, whether to monitor the camera, record a video of the movement, take a photo…