In early 2020, Embention has received the Ministry of Defence support to participate in European defence programs. In this writing, Admiral Santiago R. González Gómez, general director of Armament and Material, guarantees the authorization of Embention to participate in defence programs according to (EU) 2018/1092 regulation from the European Parliament.

At Embention we want to thank the Ministry of Defence and the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM) for their collaboration and trust. This support not only implies the qualification of Embention to participate in certain defence programs but also demonstrates the trust placed at Embention by the national authorities.

Defence projects at Embention

At Embention we focus our activity on the development of innovative products, constantly investing in improving our capabilities and performance. The efficiency of our products is what distinguishes us, all of them developed for professional use and according to the highest standards in terms of reliability.

This commitment to quality and robustness, together with the compliance with the DO254, DO178, and DO160 aircraft standards for hardware and software design, has allowed us to participate in various military projects over the years.

Among the different defence projects that we participate in, it worths mentioning the LUNA NG Project. It is a 5.3m wingspan aircraft that is in the process of certification with the Military Aviation authorities thanks to the integration of the 4x Veronte Autopilot, this being the first project to pass VVZ1 TC and VVZ2 TC with LufABw in Germany.

Ministry of Defence EMT Luna

European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP)

The main objective of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme is to promote the competitiveness, efficiency and innovative capacity of the defence industry across the European Union, contributing to the strategic autonomy of the EU.

In addition, it also aims to support and develop cooperation among the members. All this coordinating, complementing and expanding national investments in defence research and development activities.

Embention & EDIDP

Embention has been part of numerous projects for the development of defence material and technology with excellent results. Therefore, we are proud that the Ministry of Defence supports us in participating in this program.

Embention is fully committed to contribute to an efficient project for the EU defence industry.