The Company Creation Program of Local Development Agency of Alicante supports businesses in Alicante city, in this case Embention receives this recognition for its business plan. Embention seeks to develop its business activity in the field of UAV, UAS, RPAS and drones, specifically in projects such as Veronte Autopilot, and their fire suppresion system, Flamingo.

Veronte autopilot is a failsafe avionics system for autonomous unmanned platform control, adaptive control algorithms increases the stability and performance in the flight envelope of the platform, during the different configurable flight phases. Veronte installs a set of sensors and processing devices for advanced control of unmanned platforms.

In the case of Flamingo, it comes to a guided bomb that flies completely autonomously thanks to the merger of INS/GPS and other sensors. With a load of 200l of retardant agent or fire extinguisher, allows both, the creation of chemical firewall and adverse conditions extinction, such as: night operations, adverse weather conditions, inaccessible areas, etc…

Program of Company Creation, Local Development Agency of Alicante

The Local Development Agency directs part of its activities to the promotion and diffusion of innovation generated in the town. This program comes close to entrepreneurs who have an innovative and to SMEs who want to improve the competitiveness of their businesses. Thereby seeks to achieve modernization, renovation and consolidation of the participating companies and further development on the business and economic fabric of Alicante.

The program of Company Creation of the Local Development Agency of Alicante intended as a meeting point between entrepreneurs, innovative companies and institutions that have this area as the main point of his performance. The program targets in various categories, among which it stand out both, those which may be of interest to the consolidated companies as well as for those focused to school centers, institutes or for junior researchers.