Veronte Autopilot, high reliability avionics system, not only permits fully autonomous professional operations with any UAV configuration, such as multirotors, helicopters, fixed-wings, projectiles, zeppelins, hybrids VTOL, etc… but also is able to control large UAVs with no restrictions in size.

Large UAVs, besides providing a wide range of functionalities and being able to develop operations in any professional field, as performed on common drones, goes a step forward for its own characteristics. These aircrafts can perform photogrammetry tasks, topology, firefighting, surveillance, borders oversight, maritime search and rescue, agricultural works, messaging, etc… But large UAVs have greater versatility since their size provide a superior autonomy up to tens of hours, they can operate at high altitudes up to thousands of feet, also they can have a link range of thousands of kilometers and transport payloads up to hundreds of kilos.

One of the large UAVs which Veronte Autopilot can control is the Flyox I, manufactured by Singular Aircraft, a new concept of hydrofoil with remote guidance, rated as one of the largest civilian drones currently available, customizable and affordable.

Flyox I, high technology in the large UAVs family

Singular Aircraft has produced one of the largest UAVs currently available, with the aim of providing a safe, reliable choice at a competitive price. It has a large space for payloads up to1850 kg and a high autonomy of over 50 hours in observation mode; being developed under accurate models of quality and warranty.

There are four main versions of Flyox I:

  • Surveillance: Observation of areas and data collection through analysis and mapping, inspection of gas and oil pipelines or power lines. Rescue and precise location of missing and injured, on land or at sea.
  • Firefighting: Reduction of up to 90% of costs in air assets, with a tank of 2050 liters of water or fire retardant, it can operate at the day and night, providing an increased safety in concept of prevention and intervention.
  • Messaging and transportation: 15 times faster than ground transportation with 40% costs reduction, with the faculty to take land in various kinds of terrain and being able to shed load with a precision parachute.
  • Agricultural work: Ability to neutralize plagues or diseases in an hour through aerial spraying without endangering the health of the operator and without degrading neither the ground nor the plants.