Kadet Defence Systems, is an aerospace and defence focused organization based in India. The company specializes in the design of unmanned aerial vehicles for being used as aerial targets. Kadet Defence Systems decided to partner with Embention, leading supplier in target drone autopilots and critical systems for UAVs, in order to face the rapid increase in the UAV industry.

Embention has been working arduously in the UAV industry for 15 years, continuously improving their star product, the Veronte Autopilot. Working closely together with Kadet Defence Systems, Embention has contributed to the development of the JX2 NG Aerial target, powered by the Veronte Autopilot for Targets.

JX2 NG Aerial Target – Veronte Autopilot

Kadet’s JX2 NG Aerial Target is designed for use as aerial targets for weapon training development, evaluation and as an aerial test platform amongst other applications. These ready-to-fly solutions include all components needed for performing fully autonomous missions in harsh environments including Ground Control Stations, Ground Support Equipment, and Air Vehicle Catapult Launchers.

Kadet Defence Systems range of aerial targets are powered by propellers and turbojets.

Avdesh Khaitan, CEO of Kadet Defence Systems, noticed an unprecedented growth in their activities due to new and novel applications emerging in both the defense and commercial use of UAS. Avdesh stated that “partnering with Embention allows us to efficiently integrate and continuously improve the performance of our systems and gives our customers an edge in performance and operation while simulating hostile attacking scenarios”.

The JX2 NG Aerial Target has integrated the Veronte Autopilot, which provides the UAV with fully autonomous flight capabilities, versatility and sensor redundancy. The versatility given by the autopilot allows the Aerial Target to adapt its configuration to the requirements of different types of operations. Veronte Autopilot becomes the best option to program target drones, mainly due to its quality-prices relation, but also due to its ease of installation in drones with either combustion or turbine engines.

Cuerpo - Embention and Kadet

About Embention: 

Embention, with 60 employees, is a worldwide leader in the unmanned aircraft industry, applying state-of-the-art and military technologies in the drone sector for Enabling Drones to Populate Our Skies.

Embention autopilots are in use in more than 500 drone projects and have accumulated more than 100,000 hours in operation. The Veronte Autopilot for Target is optimized for target drone use, minimizing the cost for the UAT manufacturer at the time it includes the outstanding features and reliability from the Veronte Autopilot 1x.

About Kadet: 

Kadet can best be described as a life-style company focused on innovation and creativity. Kadet’s team is composed of individuals who combine hard work and entrepreneurial skills with the creative thinking necessary to remain highly competitive. 

Kadet Defence Systems, the Drone Manufacturer and Drone Solutions provider in India is also pursuing opportunities as a product co development agency and to this extent has entered agreements with Global OEM for cooperating, joint development and operation of Unmanned Systems and also the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.