Having means for a good situational awareness is a key factor to ensure the safe integration of an unmanned aircraft in a congested airspace, either in flights with long range RF communications,  or in those ones beyond line of sight and/or at night. 

One of the most common ways to achieve this goal is to include a transponder / ADS-B in the UAV system, which is a device capable of reading the location signals from other vehicles at the time that it provides its own one, either by responding to position interrogations or by broadcasting constantly its position.

Introducing such devices (transponder / transceivers) on drone aircraft usually needs an additional space. Besides it increases the global equipment weight and system complexity and also requires more technical resources (communication busses, power supplies, etc). To solve these problems, Embention has developed the Veronte Autopilot  fully integrated with an internal ADS-B transceiver with IN & OUT capability with the support of the prestigious international company, Aerobits.

Aerobits Sp. z o.o is a European leader in Micro ADS-B systems to be used with all types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and one of the 3 unique companies worldwide who faces the complexity of a safe integration of the UAS into the airspace. Since it was founded in 2017, its product portfolio has been growing exponentially from OEM modules to state-of-the-art Micro ADS-B Transceivers and multi-system tracking devices based on ADS-B, FLARM and LTE for communication.

ADS-B Embedded In Veronte Autopilot

The miniaturization of the ADS-B transceiver has allowed the integration inside the Veronte Autopilot, and provides to our drone customers a full solution with the following additional features:

  • Minimum weight increase in the system of only 10 grams.
  • No additional space required.
  • The only additional connection required is the one for the transceiver antenna.
  • No additional software is required, everything is configurable through Veronte Pipe software, the software developed by Embention to manage the whole Veronte Autopilot ecosystem.
  • Enables the use of drone collaborative sense and avoid algorithms in Veronte Autopilot.
Internal ADS-B in Veronte Autopilot.

This integrated solution provides the maximum functionality with any inconvenients. In this sense, Mr. Konrad Cioch, Chief Business Development Manager at Aerobits summarizes perfectly all the benefits of this symbiosis in the following paragraph:

“Current direction in the drone market shows a clear trend to the fusion of different systems in just one integrated solution. Customers require all-in-one devices to reduce the number of auxiliary systems on the UAS, in order to reduce weight and possible costs derived from the use of external devices. That is why the integration of our system with Veronte autopilot was just a natural progression. I am pretty convinced that the collaboration of our company with Embention, will bring a lot of benefits to our mutual customers.”