We are pleased to announce that the Embention R&D team recently upgraded our Veronte Pipe software tool, including an advanced and versatile functionality, the 3D PFD; instrument that has been adapted to the design of last generation aircraft cabins, and now is available for drones installing Veronte Autopilot.

The PFD (Primary Flight Display) is aimed to take advantage of various consolidated avionics components in order to achieve an integrated system to reduce the workload of the pilot. By facilitating thereby the understanding of the control box of the plane’s human interface and increasing awareness of the whole flight situation, with the consequent improvement in the functionality of the operations to perform. Unnecessary or greatly reduced task by the use of Veronte Autopilot on UAV.

Comparative experiments between traditional PFD and 3D PFD show significant statistically results. Coming to the conclusion that with the use of 3D PFD the reliability is improved around a 95%.

Characteristics of the 3D PFD in Veronte

The 3D PFD tool in Veronte Pipe has three display modes and different camera options with which the UAV operator can customize his interface. It can be choose between display mode of classic 2D PFD, in which there are included the Yaw, Pitch and Roll; 3D PFD display mode, with cabin vision, similar to 2D PFD perspective and instrumentals; and a third display mode with 3D rendering with which it is possible to switch between multiple cameras and zooms including the manual selection of camera distance and direction.

Customization options in the 3D PFD:

  • Display configuration: Selection of width and height of the widget, and selection color for earth and sky.
  • PFD configuration: Show or hide Yaw, Pitch or Roll as well as the control surfaces. In addition to customizing the colors to show.
  • 3D rendering configuration: 3D activation, and the activation of external cameras and the appearance of waypoints on the PFD. Including the possibility to load on the 3D PFD custom aircraft models in STL format.

In conclusion, this new customizable tool brings Veronte Pipe software for control stations an step forward among leading GCS applications in the UAV market.