“50 Innovative companies at a click”, selects 50 Spanish successful innovative companies being Embention among them.

Embention develops products in the field of unmanned aerial systems. Innovation is for the company a fundamental tool for daily improvement of their products. One of the main challenges that were faced was getting a guided bomb to be used in firefighting.

Innovative companies at a click, Embention

Video Transcript “50 Innovative companies at a click, Embention”

Embention is mainly dedicated to developing products in the field of UAVs, control systems, mission systems, all surrounding the unmanned systems industry.

We started in 2007, it has been about four and a half years since we started with a small group and gradually, as we have been able, we have developed new projects and invest more. Things have been slow, it is not easy to have this kind of company and have success in a day.

Innovation is very important in this business, that is to be said, the guided bombs and the flight control systems already existed. The idea was, through innovation, get a guided bomb that could be used in an application like the forest firefighting. We had to innovate in algorithms, design, and in many things at technical level.

This has happened to us in both; the guided bomb Flamingo, and in our flight control system for UAVs, Veronte. With Flamingo, the fact of using it for firefighting, makes it to be very different to other guided bombs that already exist. With Veronte, we achieved an autopilot that it is the smallest available at this moment in the market for professional use. Also it does not need for integration which is very important and it is something completely new; the innovation plays a fundamental role.

When you start a company of this kind, essentially it is needed money to pay salaries. It is important to hire the right person at the right time, a deviation from that, is a significant difference in the budget. This is something I might to adjust more if I were to begin again.

To be one of the national innovative companies is a rollercoaster, there are good days and really bad days, but overall I think it compensate in any case, if it goes well or if it goes wrong. I think this is very advisable to make, and I think that if I look back, I will regret not having done it, regardless of what may happen in the future.