With the sixth edition of HOMSEC 2017 ended, it is definitely consolidated as the main fair of National Security sector in Spain. Between 14th and 16th of March, this International Exhibition of Security & Defense Technologies took place on the fairground IFEMA, Madrid. During this edition, the fair had the great attendance of around 15,000 – 16,000 people.

The popularity that it has been gathering from previous editions made it possible to make HOMSEC 2017 attendance so relevant: a prominent audience from security sector and more than 180 corporations exposed plus 40 delegations, where 25 of them where from abroad: Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and so on.

It is not surprising the great impact of HOMSEC 2017 since National Security sector greatly influences on the Spanish economy: investments of 12% on R&D (Research and Development), 55,000 highly skilled jobs and a great percentage of national exports turnover are factors that confirm the strong relevance of this sector in the national economy.


HOMSEC 2017 - Exposition of Demo HIL Simulator

This sixth edition of HOMSEC 2017 has been focused on new technologies and cybersecurity destined to National Security. They were exposed innovations on border control and its access, defense cryptographic systems, UAVs and UAS to support state security forces like the state-of-the-art TS150, simulators and navigation devices such as Veronte Autopilot.


Embention together with Everis at HOMSEC 2017


Embention participated in HOMSEC 2017 as an expositor, showing its new system TS150 with the collaboration of Everis. TS150 is a tethered station whose main feature is the anchoring of the UAV to the ground station through a cable. What stands out of this cable is its capacity to provide energy, data communication and telemetry to the UAV, as well as video transference, permitting on this way to perform long duration flights.

Specifically, it has been exposed together with the Alakran mortar carrier of NTGS (another member of Everis Group). This mortar system is able to be totally operative in around 67 seconds, it uses an automatic aiming system GIS (Geographic Information System) and can operate in coordination with others Alakran units due to its BMS (Battle Management System). The Alakran and TS150 combination makes it possible to perform an increased impact control: NM& TS150 onboard cameras allows to monitor impact localization of artillery shoots and introduce shoot corrections on the system.