Five curious drone applications
Five curious drone applications
March 11, 2022
March 11, 2022
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The incredible annual growth in this sector means that we will see more and more drones in our skies, and with that we will see applications of drones that we would have never imagined. Drones are a new reality that we have to get used to. Embention, with Veronte’s autopilots and other components, provides the reliability required for all types of vehicles, allowing us to bring our customers’ imagination to reality.

Some of the applications we already know are: delivery, mapping, forestry emergencies… but there are many others that are not so well known and that will surprise you.


Defibrillator Drone

When a cardiorespiratory emergency occurs, time does not play in favour, and the drone can be the solution for it. It cannot perform CPR, but it can provide the necessary medical instruments and indicate how to perform it.


Anticopion Drone

One of the drone applications we could not have imagined was put into practice by the Chinese authorities in the Gaokao, something similar to the university entrance exams. The purpose was to monitor those students who tried to cheat in the exam, given that this is a very tough test that around 9 million people face every year, and being capable of anything to pass, there have been cases of pinganillos, impersonation… To control it, the Chinese government saw in this drone the solution to these frauds.


Drone to prevent shark attacks

Another of the drone applications that we would not have imagined is carried out by the Australian government, where shark attacks pose a danger to surfers and other bathers on the country’s coast. Although it is still being tested, GPS technology integrated into the drones has already been used to track the sharks to ensure people’s safety. They also have a built-in alarm to warn bathers if a shark is spotted.


Window cleaning drones

In 2015 in the United Arab Emirates, this application for drones was seen for the first time in a drone competition. The German company Window Cleaning has already launched operations where they perform facade and roof operations even at very high altitudes. Since then, other companies such as the Catalan company Cleandrone or The Sullivan 5000 have also tried to join this trend.


Drones controlling birds at airports

Bird collisions with aircraft pose a threat to them. With the aim of preventing them, we find this curious drone application. Southampton Airport implemented a drone in the shape of a hawk to scare birds away from the area. The tests carried out were a complete success: in more than 200 flights it managed to reduce impacts between aircraft and birds by 74%.

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